Christian Mission Service

Is not an orphanage but a home

In order to cater to the needs of the deserving children, Mission extended its service to the distant places in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal. Periodically some staff from Central Office and leaders of the Mission visit these Institutions and give directions and guidance for the betterment of the service.

This Children’s Home is situated in Narakodur village, Tenali Road, Chebrole Mandalan, Guntur District in Andhra Praesh. It was established in 1991 to facilitate higher studies for children from Inumella Children’s Home who had no High School then.

To begin with, an old hospital building was purchased from another organization and subsequently some land was purchased adjacent to the Home. The Home started with 8 children who were transferred from Inumella Children’s Home. Over the years new buildings were constructed for the accommodation of children and a chapel for corporate worship. Provision for purified drinking water, modernized kitchen and two big wells are the enhanced amenities in the campus. Now 116 children are cared in 6 groups by 8 staff in this Unit. Most of the children hail from very poor economic background. They were either child labourers or from families of parents who committed suicide or passed away at an early age affected by HIV.

Children who are backward in studies are given further coaching by qualified teachers in the Home. In the extra curricular activities also our Children are equipped adequately to perform well in competitions. They win prizes and earn good name to the Institution.

There is cordial relationship with the local people and the Children’s Home. Some well-wishers have donated Uniforms and Television set for the benefit of the children. The parents attend the fellowship get- together inside the campus and interact openly with the staff and share their suggestions and difficulties. They appreciate the parental care and medical services being given to the children.

Former students visit the Home occasionally and extend possible support to the Institutions. The local well-wishers also involve in this ministry through prayers and financial support.

We have a kitchen garden in the campus where we cultivate vegetables and other short term crops. A small dairy is also maintained in the Home to meet the supply of milk for children.

Head Office is directly monitoring the activities of

    1. Narakodur Children’s Village
    2. Narakodur External Education
    3. Inumella Children’s Village
    4. Medapadu Children’s Village
    5. Medapadu Day Care Centre in Andhra Pradesh
    6. Aurangabad Children’s Village in Maharashtra
    7. Bhadrakali Boys’ Home in West Bengal.
    8. Hindmotor Children’s Home in West Bengal.